s t u f f   t o   b u y

Prima Materia, Vol. 2
v o l u m e 2

::: Home, Family, :::
and Other Mixed Blessings

Over 180 Pages of Short Fiction by
Writers from the Hudson Valley, New York
Edited by Brent Robison

includes story by Dina Pearlman
The House Goes On Without Us
a Surrealistic Short story


Woodstock Anthology
Edited by Shiv Mirabito

includes poems by
Ira Cohen

Andy Clausen
Janice King
Phillip Levine
Shiv Mirabito
Dina Pearlman
Janine Pommy Vega
Palmer Shaw
Marylin Stablein
and others

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Golden Notebook, Woodstock, New York
Dharmaware, Woodstock, New York

new Saugertisians--poems by Dina Pearlman
chap book

Cadmium Red--poems by Dina Pearlman
chap boook

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PO Box 614
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